Word Scramble Little Books on iPad, iPhone, and Android

Word Scramble Little Books

  • Simple touch and drag gameplay perfect for all ages
  • Over 300+ hours of puzzle gameplay across 50 themed books
  • Over 10,000 common English words to unscramble and solve
  • Pick up where you left off on any puzzle
  • Perfect for phones and tablets of all sizes

Get it Now!

Word Scramble Little Books is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets. Get the app for FREE from all of these great app stores:

Windows Phone version will be coming soon, sign up here to get notified.

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Great Puzzle Topics

The word scramble puzzles in Word Scramble Little Books are made up of over 6000 common English words, and over 5000 topic based words including fun and interesting topics like: 80's movies, video games, music, and comic book characters just to name a few.

Track Your Progress

The funnest part of doing word scramble puzzle books is being able to jump between puzzle pages whenever you want. Word Scramble Little Books recreates this same feeling by organizing puzzles into books and pages, and showing your progress at every level.

Tell Your Friends!

Word Scramble Little Books was created by a single independent developer (@SmartyP). Please show your support by telling your friends and family about Word Scramble Little Books!


Word Scramble Little Books gameplay screen Rearrange jumbled letters to make the correct word
Book selection screen shows progress for the whole book Track progress across 50 themed puzzle books
Over 5000 themed puzzle words and over 6000 common English words - expand your vocabulary! Expand your vocabulary
Hint mode helps you solve tough words Use a hint to see what letters still need rearranging

Word Scramble Little Books was created by @SmartyP of SmartyPantsCoding.com.